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I’m Ari Moore, an activist, artist, and technology and communications consultant living in Ithaca, New York, USA. I hold a degree in cultural anthropology, training which informs me that my own background and beliefs may be useful information to those reading this blog. This page explains a little about who I am and where I’m coming from, so you can decide for yourself if what I write here is of value to you.

I believe fundamentalism in any belief system is dangerous, and that blind faith is a slippery slope toward fundamentalism. However, if practitioners are allowed freedom to criticize, change, reform, abandon, and otherwise adapt a religion to their needs and knowledge and changing circumstances, and if the way they practice their religion supports and enhances their life and the lives of others, I believe religion can be a positive source of social change and cultural enrichment.

Personally, I don’t follow any religion or other belief system at its face value, and make moral and ethical decisions based on my observations, education, logic, and experience. I value experiencing and observing the traditions of others, read books from many faiths, and research the interesting and fluctuating lines between religions and cults and sects and other belief systems.

I enjoy and/or practice some cultural and moral aspects of many religions and belief systems: I sometimes wear Hindu mala beads because they hold deep significance to me, I practice veganism because I don’t like to cause suffering to sentient beings, mindfulness meditation has brought me real peace and understanding, my partner and I organize radical alternative Jewish Seders in our community, I gladly participate in my family’s secular interpretations of Christian holidays and in my partner’s family’s somewhat more religious Jewish gatherings. I also like aspects of Buddhism and feel deep connections to some shamanistic and pagan traditions. I sometimes find spiritual meaning in art, travel, speculative fiction, science, and other unlikely places.

I guess you could call me an agnostic, spiritual atheist with a love for the world and its mysteries; for me, “god” is simply communion with all that is. My overall guiding ethic is one of nonviolence, compassion, and, I hope, rational thought.

You can email me at ari@shirari.com. Please tell me what you think of this blog, and leave comments on the things I post here – I would love to hear from you, no matter how vehemently you may disagree with me. What do you think of this blog and the stories posted on it? What experiences have you had with religion? What does god mean to you?

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